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My music has a military feel paired with a more “grey” tone in a slower tempo to convey the atmosphere for a piece on remembrance so we do not forget the past. I chose the sounds of the piano, flute and drums. Drum represents the light military beat, piano the base layer and for contrasting or duet with the flute (main voice). The flute can be used to express both happy and sadness.

My physical experience of being present at the various different D-day sites while listening to stories told my our guide, in addition to seeing reenactment vehicles that were setting up was more powerful than reading all the books on the topic. We visited the following areas related to D-day: Normandy beach, Juno beach, Utah beach, Omaha beach, Pointe du Hoc and Normandy American cemetery. You can physically feel the courage, fear, will and the enormous disadvantages the Allies soldiers had to overcome to break through at each of the locations. I do not think you can truly understand without going there yourself and hope to share a little through my music paired to my family video

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