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Flash Contest #13: Write a Story Through Correspondence. Our Winners and Their Work!

Weekly Flash Contest #13: Some of the earliest novels were written in the form of letters between characters ("epistolary novels"). Try writing a story as a series of text messages, group chats, emails, letters or postcards exchanged between at least two characters.
The week commencing June 22nd (Daily Creativity prompt #66) was our thirteenth week of flash contests, with a challenge taking us back to one of the earliest forms of the novel: stories told through letters, or "epistolary novels". Our entrants had the option to bring the form up to date using today's equivalent of the letter (text messages, group chats etc.), or to take themselves back in time with more formal writing evocative of a past age. The form was no limitation on the imagination shown in the stories these messages between character told. We loved reading the many entries, that came in, and thank you all for participating.
Special congratulations to this week's Winners and Honorable Mentions. Your work really stood out for its creative response and playfulness! You can read this week's winners' work below, and the all winning entries from previous weeks on the Flash Contest Winners Roll page.
“Letters to the President" by Prisha Aswal, 7, Portland, OR
"Child of Magic" by Amelia Pozzo, 11, Arnold, MO
"Apocalypse" by Ian Xie, 12, Weston, MA
"Black and White" by Ella Yamamura, 12, Cary, NC
"The Excuse" by Michela You, 11, Lexington, MA
Honorable Mention
"Well that escalated quickly..." by Lucy Berberich, 11, Oxford, OH
"Venus and Mars and the search for Pluto" by Sara Shah, 8, Portland, OR
"The Banter of the Bathroom Buddies" by Mihika Sakharpe, 11, Frisco, TX
"Apple & Banana" by Kevin Zhang, 10, Lexington, MA

Prisha Aswal, 7
Portland, OR

Letters to the President

Prisha Aswal, 7

May 24, 2020

Dear Corona Borealis, The first girl President of the United States.

My name is Lyra Ara. I am 7 years old. I live in California. My address is 42970 NW Cygnus Lane. I am a second grader in Hydra Apus Elementary. I have been thinking about a few things that I wish my school had and is lacking, and then thought if there is anyone who can help me, it is you.

You, because:

1. I read somewhere that you loved going to school, just like me.

2. You and I both want to be the President. (Of course you already are and I will be someday)

3 . You are friendly and you think of good ideas.

But that's not why I am writing this letter. Before I tell you the main reason of writing this letter, let me first tell you what I love about my school and why you should think of my request.

Here are some good things I like about my school.

1. All the teachers are friendly. Like one day, my teacher, Miss Leo gave us a 3rd recess! One of my favorite teachers is Mrs Antlia. She teaches magic and is incredibly kind and creative with her spells.

2. We have an amazing playground. We have monkeys on the monkey-bars, and dogs and birds shaped bark chips.

3. The teachers teach Magic. One day, when I was hungry, Mrs Antlia, my magic teacher, snapped her fingers and treated me with the yummiest Macaroni in the world!

4. They do a lot of fun things, like one day we were trying to make animals, and I made a tiny puppy, a Siberian husky! I named her Sagitta. She is my pet now.

5. We do a lot of P.E. to keep us fit. Although sometimes it gets boring to do the same things again and again, I still love dancing on brain boost every day.

But also, there are a few things that I don’t like about Hydra Apus Elementary. Maybe when you come visit me, I will tell you about things that I don’t like and you can do something about it.

I got to go now. I am going to tell my reason for writing to you in my next letter.

Lyra Ara


June 9th, 2020

Dear Lyra Ara,

Thank you for sending this letter to me.

I did not know this about Hydra Apus Elementary.

Well, I do like that you have Magic class. Sounds interesting. I like that you exercise a lot. Doing the same things over and over again is really boring, even for a President. Thank you for sharing this with me.

I can’t wait to hear your reason.

Corona Borealis


June 22, 2020

Dear President Corona Borealis,

Thank you for writing back to me. I was checking everyday in the mailbox, and you have no idea how happy I am to see your letter.

You are right! Doing the same things over and over again is boring, but I think it is important sometimes, so that you get practice. I tried to do handstands, cartwheels, and ride my bike. I was really bad at it first, but then I practiced and practiced and finally got it.

I will tell you why I am writing.

9-24-20 is when my teacher Mrs Antlia is going to retire from work. I am so sad because she is a fantastic teacher. We are going to have a great farewell party for her that day. One day, during circle time, when we were talking about our wishes, Mrs Antlia said she always wanted our country to have a girl President and now that there is one, she wishes she could meet her someday. I really want to make her wish come true. Please, will you come?

Happy 4th of July!

Lyra Ara


July 3, 2020

Dear Lyra Ara,

Happy 4th of July!

Yes I will come.

I'm also really happy to see your letter. I’m really sad that Mrs.Antlia is retiring from your school, Hydra Apus Elementary.

I will have to fly in an airplane to get to California because I live in the White House and the White House is in Virginia. Please send me the address.

Corona Borealis


July 24, 2020

Dear President Corona Borealis,

The address is:
Hydra Apus Elementary
7894, Pavo Lane

Mrs Antlia will be delighted to see you.

Have a good flight! See you soon Ms. President!

Lyra Ara


August 24, 2020

Dear Lyra Ara,

Thank you! See you in a month. Have a good day.

Corona Borealis

P.S. The End

Amelia Pozzo, 11
Arnold, MO

Child of Magic

Amelia Pozzo, 11

A Quick Chat
Anonymous: Hello.
ZoeDanyell: Who is this and how did you get my cell phone number?
Anonymous: Who I am doesn’t matter. It is what I want, that does.
ZoeDanyell: Are you blackmailing me?
Anonymous: No.
ZoeDanyell: Then what do you want?
Anonymous: I just want you to promise me, that you won’t accept a boy named Peter Lockheart into your school.
ZoeDanyell: Why on earth would I not accept a young student?
Anonymous: Trust me, you don’t want a kid like him in your school.
ZoeDanyell: Please don’t contact me again.

Application Forms
Jennifer Lee School Application Form
First Name: Lyla
Last Name: Howard
Species: Human
Magic Status: Witch
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Grade Average: 98.72
Accepted: Yes ✅ No

Jennifer Lee School Application Form
First Name: Peter
Last Name: Lockheart
Species: Human
Magic Status: Undetermined
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Grade Average: 99.64
Accepted: Yes No ✅

Another Chat
Anonymous: Thank you for following my suggestion.
ZoeDanyell: I asked you not to contact me again.
ZoeDanyell: But, I’m curious, how did you know that I didn’t accept the boy?
Anonymous: I have my ways.
ZoeDanyell: I still don’t understand what you have against the boy.
Anonymous: His magic status is undetermined!
ZoeDanyell: So? A lot of kids his age still don’t know what magical powers they possess.
Anonymous: Yes, but Peter is different. He will never know his powers. They are too strong for him to even imagine. He is dangerous, and he can’t be trusted.
ZoeDanyell: You aren’t saying that...
Anonymous: I am. Believe it or not, Peter Lockheart, is a child of magic itself.

Jennifer Lee School Home Page
I applied for this school and didn’t get in. Even though I have a nearly perfect grade average. Why didn’t I get in?!
Hi Peter. I am the school director. I am sorry that you didn’t get into the school, but we cannot teach you how to use your magic if your power is undetermined. Thank you for your question.

Hi Lyla
PeterL229: Hi Lyla.
LylaLava19: Hey. I heard that you didn’t get into Jennifer Lee.
PeterL229: Yeah
LylaLava19: Maybe you were just too smart.
LylaLava19: Don’t you stick out your emoji tongue at me Peter Lockheart!
PeterL229: Guess what Lyla? I’m sneaking into the school anyway.
LylaLava19: No! That is so naughty! And is sooo going to get you into trouble!
PeterL229: Not if I don’t get caught.

Jennifer Lee School Home Page
Hi students! Welcome to the first day of school! Just as a reminder, no outside magical items. The school will provide you with everything you need.
I am so excited for school! I’ve been waiting pretty much my entire life for this day!
As the school’s principal, it is my job to make sure everything runs smoothly this year as always. For you new students, please note that every class in your schedule is mandatory. No exceptions. I have been principal at this school since it opened, and I assure you, I do not enjoy punishing students. But for those who misbehave and break the rules, there will be consequences. Have a lovely school year!
Have a nice year everyone. No, I was not accepted into the school. Yes, your year will be ten times worse without me as a classmate.

Getting In
PeterL229: Lyla
LylaLava19: Yes
PeterL229: I forgot one minor detail when it comes to breaking into one of the most heavily guarded places in the world.
LylaLava19: What?
PeterL229: I forgot about security.
LylaLava19: Can’t help you there.
PeterL229: But you can! Just tell me the code for the padlock and voila! I’m in!
LylaLava19: No.
PeterL229: Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LylaLava19: 1. That’s a lot of exclamation marks 2. Still no
PeterL229: I promise you won’t get caught.
LylaLava19: Fine! But don’t make me regret it. The code is 5587912
PeterL229: That’s a lot of numbers.
LylaLave19: No one questions why you have a 229 at the end of your username.
PeterL229: Ha Ha very funny.
LylaLava19: Whatever.

Anonymous Hacks Security Cameras
Anonymous: I was looking at security camera footage from last night and...whoa!
ZoeDanyell: What! What whoa?! What happened?
Anonymous: Our little friend Peter Lockheart thinks he can do whatever he wants.
ZoeDanyell: What did he do?
Anonymous: Oh, nothing much, he just snuck into the school and is now hiding somewhere on campus.
ZoeDanyell: WHAT????!!!!!!!!
Anonymous: Don’t worry, I’ll just send one of my accomplices into the school to find the boy. He’ll be brought to me, and from there, I can properly dispose of him. He will no longer be a threat to the world or your school.
ZoeDanyell: No. I will not let you hurt a magical child. Not even if he is a child of magic! I don’t care that he might be a threat. I shouldn’t have listened to you, and I should have accepted him in the first place. He wouldn’t be a danger to my school or my students! At Jennifer Lee, we teach children how to use their magic for good, not evil. And that is exactly what Peter will be taught! He will be taught to use his magic against creatures like you! I should have seen you for what you were! A Scavenger! You will do anything you can to get your hands on a child like Lockheart! All so you can kill them for their powers! I never want to hear from you again!
Anonymous: You have made the wrong enemy Zoe Danyell. I will find that boy. And his magic will be mine!

Lyla Talks with Zoe
ZoeDanyell: Hello. Is this Lyla Howard?
LylaLava19: Hi Mrs. Danyell. How can I help you?
ZoeDanyell: You’re friends with Peter Lockheart, right?
LylaLava19: That depends.
ZoeDanyell: Well, can you at least tell him that he is in danger?
LylaLava19: Danger?
ZoeDanyell: Yes! A Scavenger tricked me into not accepting Peter into the school! Now that has Peter snuck into the school, he is in danger.
LylaLava19: Why is a Scavenger looking for Peter?
ZoeDanyell: Because Peter is a child of magic.
LylaLava19: What?! Aren’t there like... only a few of those left? Does Peter even know?
ZoeDanyell: No, he doesn’t know.
LylaLava19: This is crazy.
ZoeDanyell: Just promise to protect him!
LylaLava19: I’ll do my best.

Lyla Explains Magic to Peter
LylaLava19: Peter! We need to talk!
PeterL229: Okay, sure.
LylaLava19: I’ll get straight to the point. Peter, you're a child of magic.
PeterL229: A what?
LylaLava19: Okay, a long time ago, when magic first came into the world, it came in the form of three girls. The girls' names were Talia, Avada, and Rala.
PeterL229: My mom’s name is Talia!
LylaLava19: Yes. The girls were the only ones in the world that possessed magical powers. Their powers were incredibly strong. Being pure magic, the girls could choose if they wanted to age or not, and how fast they wanted to age. All the girls chose to grow up and get married. They spread their magic throughout the world in all different forms. Two thousand years later, they all chose to have kids. These kids are known as children of magic. Second only to their mothers, they are more powerful than anyone in the world.
PeterL229: …
LylaLava19: You are in danger Peter. You’re not like your mother. You aren’t immortal. You can die. And when a Scavenger picks their target...
PeterL229: A Scavenger? What do you mean?
LylaLava19: They are dangerous, Peter. They want the power that you possess, and they will kill you to get it.
PeterL229: What, you mean these Scavenger things go around hunting magical kids and killing them for their powers? I mean how do they even get the powers? Do they like, suck out the kid’s magic or something?
LylaLava19: Or something.
PeterL229: Okay, I’ll just watch out for suspicious people that look like they might want to kill me.
LylaLava19: Probably not the most effective plan, but I guess it’s all we’ve got.

Anonymous Befriends a Student
Anonymous: Hi Jacob, this is your mom
Jacabob15: Really? Why are you texting from a different number? Who is this?
Jacabob15: Mom, if this really is you, don’t worry, I packed my toothbrush. You don’t have to drive all the way to Jennifer Lee, just to embarrass me like you did at Turner!
Anonymous: 1. I am not your mom. I just wanted to get your attention and a response 2. Weird story about the toothbrush 3. Turner Elementary is a good school. Congratulations on being able to spend your elementary years there.
Jacabob15: What is happening? Who is this? Did you hack my phone?
Anonymous: Only a little bit.
Jacabob15: What?!
Anonymous: I just need a little favor. There is a boy at Jennifer Lee that isn’t supposed to be there. He snuck in and is hiding somewhere in the school. His name is Peter Lockheart. He is twelve years old, roughly 58 inches tall, light brown hair, and vivid green eyes.
Jacabob15: So? Why do you need help from me?
Anonymous: Because I tried to warn the school about the boy, and they don’t believe me! So, I need you to find Lockheart. Bring him to me so that I can prove to the school that I was telling the truth!
Jacabob15: What’s in it for me?
Anonymous: I promise you that you won’t have any homework for half the school year.
Jacabob15: Whoa. You must be high up in the school to be able to promise that!
Anonymous: Are you in? Or will I have to find someone more...capable?
Jacabob15: I’m in.

Peter Frantically Texts For Help
PeterL229: Help! Help! Help!
LylaLava19: Peter! What happened?
PeterL229: I don’t have much time to talk, so listen up! I was sneaking into the cafeteria to get a bite to eat, and some kid came up behind me. Bam! Darkness. Now, I’m in a... locked closet? Help!
LylaLava19: Yeah.. I got the help part! Where are you?!
PeterL229: I said a closet! But, maybe not. I can’t really tell. It’s really dark.
LylaLava19: How do I save you, if I don’t know where you are?
PeterL229: I don’t know! Just get me out of here fast!
LylaLava19: I’ll try.
PeterL229: I hear footsteps! I think the kid is coming back! I can’t let him see my phone. Help!

Lyla Finds Help
LylaLava19: Mrs. Danyell! I need your help!
ZoeDanyell: What happened, Lyla?
LylaLava19: Peter is in trouble! He’s locked up somewhere in the school. I think?
ZoeDanyell: I’ll help. I’ll organize a search party for Peter right now!
LylaLava19: Whoa! A search party? Isn’t that a little much?
ZoeDanyell: There was a child of magic enrolled at this school three years ago.
LylaLava19: How come I’ve never heard that before?
ZoeDanyell: Because she never returned home from school. We tried our best to protect her, but the Scavengers were too strong. That’s why we can’t lose Peter!
LylaLava19: Alright. Let’s get to work.

Anonymous Chats With Peter
Anonymous: Hi Peter.
PeterL229: I know who you are. No need for that Anonymous disguise.
Anonymous: Fine. What should I call myself?
PeterL229: How about: Evil person who kidnaps and kills kids! Let me go!!!!!!!
Anonymous: Ummm... too long. I’ll stick with Anonymous.
PeterL229: My friends will rescue me.
Anonymous: Your friends know your location?
PeterL229: Not exactly.
Anonymous: There is another person in the room with you, Peter. Am I correct?
PeterL229: Yes.
Anonymous: Great. I don’t like keeping people in the dark, so I’m going to tell you a few things. Get it, dark, cause you're in a dark room?
Anonymous: Listen up Peter, the boy’s name is Jacob. I will text you your location. Just for fun. Once you know, you will hand your phone to Jacob. If you don’t, he will take it by force. I can’t have you informing your friends where they can find you. Do you understand?
PeterL229: Yes.
Anonymous: Good. You are in the school basement. It is like a labyrinth down there, your friends will never find you. Alright, I’ll see you soon.

Jacob Turns
LylaLava19: Peter, I got help. We are going to find you!
LylaLava19: Peter?
LylaLava19: Peter?!
LylaLava19: Why won’t you answer my texts!!!!!!
PeterL229: Hi Lyla.
LylaLava19: Peter?
PeterL229: No. This is Jacob. We’re in Magic 101 together.
LylaLava19: What are you doing with Peter's phone?
PeterL229: Long story short, I kidnapped Peter for this Anonymous person, took his phone, and now we are in the school basement.
LylaLava19: What?! Why would you do that?!
PeterL229: 1. I was told Peter wasn’t supposed to be in the school anyway 2. I was told that the Anonymous person worked for the school 3. I was promised no homework for half a year!
LylaLava19: No one who works at this school would ever promise that!
PeterL229: I can make this right. I realized who I was working for and decided to stop. The Scavenger has hacked the school security cameras, and you can’t go anywhere in the basement without being seen by them. So I can’t leave without the Scavenger knowing. But you can come to us. Once you get to the basement, text me, and I’ll tell you how to get to us without being seen. You might need to break down the door to this closet though. It locks from the outside and I seem to have misplaced the key.
LylaLava19: I’ll be fine. Thanks.

Getting Directions
LylaLava19: We’re here.
PeterL229: We’re? Who’s the “we”?
LylaLava19: Oh, right. The police and half the school board is with me. Including Zoe Danyell.
PeterL229: They can’t all come! If they find out what I did, I’ll be in so much trouble!
LylaLava19: Peter, how can you get in trouble if you didn’t do anything?
PeterL229: This isn’t Peter.
LylaLava19: Oh, right. Sorry Jacob. Well in that case, yes, you will be in so much trouble.
PeterL229: Thanks for helping. Here’s how to get to us: Left, left, right, left, right, right, right, left, right, left, left, right.
LylaLava19: Thank you. Hey, can I talk to Peter?
PeterL229: Um... now would not be the best time.
LylaLava19: What? Why?!
PeterL229: Because the Scavenger just got here!
LylaLava19: What? How did this happen?
PeterL229: No time to explain! Hurry! Gotta go! Bye!
LylaLava19: We’re on our way.

Peter Explains His Rescue
PeterL229: It feels good to have my phone back. It’s also nice to know that Mrs. Danyell changed her mind and I am going to attend Jennifer Lee with you! Also, (and this is a big one) thanks for coming to save me. I probably wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you.
LylaLava19: Awww! Thank you Peter! But don’t forget the fact that I never would have found you, if it weren’t for Jacob.
PeterL229: You wouldn’t have had to come save me and risk your life if it weren't for him! He was the one who kidnapped me in the first place.
LylaLava19: I’m just glad that when he explained what had happened to Mrs. Danyell, she forgave him and let him stay at the school. She was tricked by the Scavenger too, you know.
PeterL299: I just keep replaying last night in my head. I was sitting there in the closet with Jacob and then my phone dinged. Of course Jacob picked it up. He started typing things. On MY phone! When he first took my phone he had messed with it too. I would have tried to get it back from him but what chance did a twelve year old like me have against that fifteen year old?
LylaLava19: Jacob is not fifteen. He’s fourteen.
PeterL229: Whatever. Back to my story. Then, a few seconds later, the doorknob to the closet turned and the Scavenger walked in. He was like, “Hi Peter. Nice to finally meet you in person.” And I was like... okay... I didn’t say anything. And then, he pulled this sword out of nowhere and said, “Goodbye Peter Lockheart,” and then Boom!!!!! The door burst open. And you were like, “Did somebody order a rescue?”, which is pretty classic but you might watch too many action movies. Then all the police rushed in and arrested the Scavenger. And he said, “You haven’t seen the last of me, Peter Lockheart!” which is also pretty classic for a villain’s exit
line. Now everyone is safe! And that is the short version of how you saved me last night!
LylaLava19: Yep. I was pretty awesome. See you at school tomorrow.
PeterL229: OK.
LylaLava19: Try not to need rescuing again in the next 24 hours.
PeterL229: Ha ha.
LylaLava19: Bye.
PeterL229: Bye.

Ian Xie, 12
Weston, MA


Ian Xie, 12

Aliens: Hello, Planet 3475, Do you receive?
Kennedy Space Center: What?? Who is this? And we are not called Planet 3475, we are Earth.
Aliens: We are a species called Neroheads that live on planet Euhera…
Kennedy Space Center: Gulp...
Aliens: Well, there's more. See, our planet is part of a huge group of technologically advanced planets called the Society and we keep track of a supervise all the planets in the galaxy and make sure they don’t surpass us technologically. So far we ‘supervise’ over 10,000 different planets.
Kennedy Space Center: Okay
Aliens: So the Society has asked us to annihilate you because your technology is rapidly advancing.
Kennedy Space Center: WHAT?!?!?!
Aliens: I suggest that you start evacuating your people immediately in your low tech space ships
Kennedy Space Center: Um.., why can’t we just join the Society or something?
Aliens: No… So back to the topic, I advise you to clear out your planet in the next 5 days.
Kennedy Space Center: Pleeeeeeease, we’ll do anything for you.
Aliens: Anything? Promise?
Kennedy Space Center: Ya duh
Aliens: Well then, why don’t you buy me the new iphone dad?
Kennedy Space Center: Dad?
“Alien”: Haha, Dad this is Jimmy, your son.
Kennedy Space Center: What!?!?!
Jimmy: Ya and you promised to buy me the new iphone so you better.

Ella Yamamura, 12
Cary, NC

Black & White

Ella Yamamura, 12

Dear Sir,

I have come to discuss the matter of the newly deceased Dr. Jack Belgrave. I will come to the point directly, if you do not mind. I believe that you have wrongly sent Mr. Belgrave to your domain, and it is my right as his guardian angel that he does certainly not deserve that. I demand for this problem to be fixed immediately, sir. Please note that sending one to the wrong domain is prohibited.

Thank you for your time,
Anonymous (guardian angel of Dr. Jack Belgrave)


To Anonymous (guardian angel of Dr. Jack Belgrave),

Rested assured, my good friend, this action is noted. Your Dr. Jack Belgrave is a human healer, isn’t he? If you don’t like the matters that ruffle you, why not pay your Dr. Jack a visit? If he’s a doctor, I’d expect that he’d be able to heal himself. I don’t like discussing these things with a guardian angel like you, if I may say so myself. What do you possibly expect me to do? After all, you’re supposed to be the one with all the answers, right? I insist that you solve this matter of Dr. Jack Belgrave yourself. I’m not keen to hand over any subject of my domain, angel, so why don’t you spread your giant white wings and fly away where you won’t disturb me?

Demon #126


To Demon #126,

I know how tricky you can be, your kind, Demon. I’m well familiar with that and trust me, I’m not a fan of it. Every guardian angel has one job– to protect their assignment even after the grip of death. Dr. Jack Belgrave is in fact my assignment, therefore under my protection. I’m sure that you’re fully aware of the punishment awaiting for those who fail to protect their assignment as a guardian angel. I will not fail and cannot fail my assignment. What do you have against Dr. Jack Belgrave? I will not repeat this one more time: PLEASE RETURN DR. JACK BELGRAVE WHO IS THEREFORE MEANT TO BE IN HEAVEN, INSTEAD OF IN YOUR DOMAIN.

Anonymous (guardian angel of Dr. Jack Belgrave)


Dear Anonymous (guardian angel of Dr. Jack Belgrave),

Touchy, aren’t you? I’ll tell you what, angel– you’ve already failed your assignment. Dr. Jack Belgrave doesn’t believe in guardian angels. There’s no point in being bossy and irritable just to see to the return of your assignment. Why, I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time talking to a filthy angel, can you believe it? Consider yourself lucky, guardian angel of Dr. Belgrave– if I had it my way, you wouldn’t even be sending your feather-ridden letters to me right now.

Demon #126


To: Demon #126,

Needless to say, I am quite aware of what you’d do if you had it “your way”. In fact, if I had it my way, you’d be on your knees right now, begging for mercy. How’s that for a change? I’m quite determined, you see, surely your master, the Devil has enough in his realm? It’d be kind of you to spare at least one person. And that person being Dr. Belgrave, obviously. You’d better give my assignment back, Demon #126, or there’ll be consequences.

Anonymous (guardian angel of Dr. Jack Belgrave)

To: Anonymous guardian angel,

Fine. I'll give you your precious little Jacky boy back. Note that this means you have to keep your dirty, feather-ridden hands away from me. That’s funny. Right when your letter arrived, I was talking to your Dr. Jack Belgrave. He seems quite happy in the Devil’s realm if you ask me.

Demon #126


Dear Demon #126,

Thank you for your service to me. I appreciate the “willingness” to give my human back. I’ll take Jack whether he likes to or not. The requirement is, every deceased being deserves correct judgement. And that, my friend is the part where you came in. You immediately jumped up to proclaim that Dr. Belgrave belonged to your domain… And that is clearly wrong. I know you enough Demon #126, to tell that you’re lying. Your tricks don’t fool me. Your lying doesn’t deceive me. Your evil temper does not shake me. And finally, your filthy nails don’t make me shudder either. I am as white as the clouds in the sky as you are as black as your heart. I don’t fancy mixing those two colors together.

P. S. (I’ll be there to accompany Dr. Belgrave to heaven. Thank you.)

Best wishes,
Matthew, guardian angel of Dr. Jack Belgrave

Michela You, 11
Lexington, MA

The Excuse

Michela You, 11

My Boss
8:00 AM
<(ROBIN! You are late for work again)
<(You have been late 25 out of the past thirty days.)
I warned you not to ever be late again.
<(You’re fired.)
(Hello? This is not Robin.
This is Dr. Stone speaking.)>
<(Really? I thought this was Robin’s number.)
(Oh yes, it is! I have his phone.
This is Dr Stone at the Clinic Hospital.
Robin has been injured.)>
<(Oh my stars.)
(He just broke his leg.)>
<(Oh no!)
(And I must tell you your employee
is such a gentleman and a hero.)>
<(That’s so good to know.
I always thought Robin was a lazy bug.)
<(What happened?)
(Well, I don’t know all the details,
but some patients saw the action.)>
<(Please explain all you can.)
(Robin was on his way to work when he
saw a flower shop near the hospital.)>
(He kindly bought some flowers for the hospital
desk and gave some to the patients.)>
<(That’s so kind.)
(Indeed. I thanked him, and he
warmed the patients’ hearts.)>
(He then was carrying a flower to one of our
patients in the back of the hospital.)>
<(And then?)
(Robin was walking to the patient
when he crossed a wet area.)>
(One of the other patients were walking
by when they suddenly slipped.)>
<(Oh my god!)
(He bravely slid on the ground
and caught the scared patient,
and when they were getting up,
His knee and ankle twisted in a bad
position but he still held his ground
and made sure the patient was safe.
We rushed him to urgent care where
he will heal and we will mend his leg)>
<(Oh my lord! Are both of them okay?!)
(Yes. The patient is forever grateful, and
Robin is in a giant leg cast in the hospital.)>
<(Then why do you have his phone?)
(He needed surgery to to set his leg
urgently they didn’t have time
for him to grab his phone
and tell you what happened.)>
<(Oh my god! He is a hero and such a gentleman.)
(Yes, indeed. When he wakes up, would
you like me to tell him anything?)>
<(Yes, tell him that I am proud and honored
to have an employee like him.
Also, tell him he has the day off!)
(Very well, sir. Thank you!)>
Tommy-Work partner
8:20 AM
<(r u in trouble for being late)
<(come on! What trick did u use again?
the slipping one, the flower buying one, or
the patient saving one?)
(i used all three)>
<(im getting a weird feeling)
(which got me a day off.
I think im gonna go play video games)>
<(cool. What hospital?)
(the clinic one)>
<(oh my god! That’s right next to the office!)
(well, nothing can go wrong.
hang on, i got message notifications
from the boss)>
(wait, i’m checking them)>
<(oh boy)
My Boss
8:30 AM
<(Oh! The Clinic Hospital is a few blocks away from the office!)
<(Tell him I’m visiting at 9:00 to see my hero employee!)
Tommy-Work partner
8:35 AM
(OMG now that’s done it! U should have said something!)>
<(i strongly recommended the country hospital!)
(hang on, i’m gonna go buy a leg cast and go to the hospital claiming i broke a leg)>
<(hope u get away with it, dude)

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