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Flash Contest #20: Write a poem inspired by a song.

The week commencing August 10th (Daily Creativity Prompt #101) was our twentieth week of Flash Contests. The prompt asked our entrants to write a poem inspired by a song they’ve been listening to a lot. The entries we received ranged from poetry set to the tune of a certain song, poetry inspired by a theme of a song, poetry inspired by classical music, contemporary music, musicals, and even our entrants' own musical compositions. We greatly enjoyed reading the many entries we received; well done to everyone who submitted to this prompt, and a special congratulations to our Winners and Honorable Mentions, listed below. 

Read on past the list of placed entries to experience the Winners’ work for yourselves!

Satisfied by Savannah Black, 9 (Yuba City, CA)
First Flight by Fern Hadley, 12 (Cary, NC)
Requiem by Joyce Hong, 10 (Oakville, ON)
Mendelssohn's Voices by Eric Liang, 13 (Sherborn, MA)
Last Night by Daniel Wei, 13 (Weddington, NC)

Honorable Mentions
The Lovely Birds by Nova Macknik-Conde, 8 (Brooklyn, NY)
Christmas Carols by Ashvant Daniel, 11 (Portland, OR)
Mad World 2020 by Emma Hoff, 8 (Bronx, NY)
The King of the Snow by Kyler Min, 9 (Vienna, VA)
Dance Monkey by Sophie Yu, 12 (Houston, TX)

Savannah Black, 9
Yuba City, CA


Savannah Black, 9

I am never satisfied
There is always
another step to climb
Another home run to hit
Another goal to score
Another painting to paint
Another checkmate to you
Another chore to do
Another essay to write
And another test to crush
If I want to get ahead
I have to come out on top
I’ll never stop till
I am on the top
Of the team
and then the class
and then the school
and then on top of the world

I am never happy with where I am
I will get more
Like Alexander
I will thrive
Like Angelica
I will never be satisfied

Fern Hadley, 12
Cary, NC

First Flight

Fern Hadley, 12

Editor's Note: Fern's poem was inspired by her original composition, First Flight. You can listen to Fern's composition here

A world
just beyond your mind,
just above your grasp,
waiting to be discovered—

Gaze upward,
see the light shining through,
feel the yearn in your heart
until you cannot ignore it—

Find a way,
unfurl your wings,
take to the sky,
soar into the light—

spirit free,
heart beating in time
with the melody of flight—

See the storm ahead
gathering clouds,
thunder rolls,
lightning crackles—

yet rain falls,
shards of glass
piercing pinions—

Fall from the sky,
wings battered,
feathers torn,
hope drained—

See the light.
See the light.
See the light.

Muster your strength,
beat your wings to the rhythm
of your unfailing heart,
fly upwards—

Rise through the storm,
the song of your heart
ringing in your ears,
hope restored—

Reach the light.

Joyce Hong, 10
Oakville, ON


Joyce Hong, 10

When the villains fall-
The villain is you
I don't cry, not at all
Don't say it wasn't true

Now that you’re dead
Some notice you, I predict
But I only remember you
For the wounds you inflict

Don’t think that I’ve forgotten
I carry them around, too
Don’t think that I’ll say, “It’s okay”
I cannot forgive you

A candle to put at your picture
For a remembrance, we light
The memories we cannot forget
In the dead of night

Mother lights a candle
She knows you’re still here
Father lights a candle
He doesn’t want you to disappear

In one hand I hold the lighter
The candle’s in the other
I look up at mother and father
Then I see your picture, my brother

I’m tempted to light the candle
Play this game of pretend
For everyone who knew you
Reassure them- “This isn’t the end”

But I
Cannot play the grieving girl
And lie
Saying that I miss you

I am my own person
You were a monster to me
Now that you’re gone
I hope I’m finally free

The lighter and the candle
They both fall to the ground
Tonight, this night
There’s no requiem to be found.

Eric Liang, 13
Sherborn, MA

Mendelssohn's Voices

Eric Liang, 13

Eyes stare out at the dull,
Knowing but not wanting to know,
Desperate, wants a different fate,
Wild noises scream,
Shattering, Insane,
Surfaces tremble and break,
Life snaps.
Falling, through light and words,
Then struggling up to experience anew.

Shock leaves thoughts,
Songs of smiles drift astray;
Rolling joy as tears burn away,
Yank and wrench,
As it says goodbye:
Valleys rise to crush,
But fails to strike hope.

Not enough, not nearly
Agony forces, pushes,
Until laughter spins out of control.

Daniel Wei, 13
Weddington, NC

Last Night

Daniel Wei, 13

Last night, I had this dream about you
In this dream, I was dancing right beside you
Underneath the awakening sun
Captivated by your enthralling beauty

We crossed the plains of green and yellow
Down the dirt paths of the backcountry
Your hand in mine, we skipped towards a pier
And set sail on the bluest lake

We rowed across the water
The soft breeze tousling your hair
The sunlight sparkled across the waves
Shooting rainbows toward the sky

Later that day, we walked to the old oak tree
Sitting down, I pulled out a basket
Two crystal glasses, plus a royal feast
Eating ‘till our hearts were full

At night, with the crickets serenading us
We pranced in the grass, barefoot
Underneath the twinkling stars
It was the perfect day

Until I awoke, alone in my bed
Ooh, I don't know what to do
About this dream and you
I wish this dream comes true

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