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Stone Soup Magazine
June 2019

Forts, to me, are a great place to hide away! I like to build forts because they are my little place where nobody can bother me. Forts make me feel independent; and away from all noise.

I’ve been building forts all my childhood, and I still do. I build my forts almost always in corners because every corner in my house has a chair, a soft thing or a window for light. One kind of fort I make is the bedsheet-supported-by-pillow fort. Other times, I find spaces and just build on them. Like the time I found a bush with an entrance and a great climbing spot. I added a trapdoor (using a branch that can bend and won’t crack with weight on it), and a place to store plants (example, reeds). This spot is one of my favorites to still visit, behind a tree in the frontyard of my home. Inside the home, at my pillows-and-sheets-fort, I often make a little burrow with tunnels, and passages to small blanket-pillow rooms. I have turned even my bottom bunkbed into a fort of many rooms– a mansion palace!

Once built, I love to read in my fort. Some forts I’ve built have even had enough space to run around! I sometimes have a nice nap in my fort. All I can say is I’m really happy in a fort. I wish I could be there all day.

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  1. booksmyfriends November 24, 2018 at 10:26 am Reply

    Your creativity is amazing! I really like the fun-to-read with which you write.

  2. William Rubel December 7, 2018 at 5:44 pm Reply

    Your post about building forts take me back to my own childhood. I was also a fort boy. I loved loved loved making forts out of blankets and sheets. I spent hours making them and crawling around inside of them. This is a fabulous piece of writing. Evocative. Elegant. It has been nearly sixty years since I built forts. Thank you, Keshav, for sending us this piece. It brings back such strong memories.

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