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Halloween—one of the most popular holidays in the U.S.—is coming up! Many kids wait eagerly for October 31st to dress up in costume and walk from door to door, saying “trick or treat” and receiving candy. But a dilemma that many of us experience is not finding a good costume to wear on Halloween. Many costumes you can buy are expensive and not worth it. Here are four creative costumes that you can make yourself with minimal cost to show off something unique this Halloween:

1: Jellyfish

I was a jellyfish last year for Halloween and got so many compliments on this costume! Here are the materials needed:

  • Clear umbrella
  • LED string lights with batteries attached
  • White decorative ribbon
  • Strong tape

First, take the ribbon and cut it into multiple long strips. Attach these to the inner rim of the clear umbrella with tape so they hang down. Wrap and tape a long piece of ribbon horizontally around the outside rim of the umbrella. Secure the battery box of the LED lights to the inner top of the umbrella with tape, and wrap and tape the string lights around the inside pillars of the umbrella. Your jellyfish costume is now ready to go!

2: Popcorn (image from cutegirlshairstyles.com)

This costume is very affordable and quite easy to make! All you need is:

  • White paper
  • Yellow acrylic or spray paint
  • Red and white striped skirt or red skirt and white duct tape
  • White shirt
  • Hot glue

Start off by tearing the paper in half and crumbling it into little balls. Paint or spray paint these pieces of “popcorn” slightly yellow (to represent butter), then hot glue them onto a white shirt. You can use a red and white striped skirt for the “box”, or make one by sticking strips of white duct tape onto a red skirt. And now you’re finished with your simple popcorn costume!

3: Ghost (image from scratchandstitch.com)

When you think of a ghost costume, you probably imagine a boring white sheet. But this costume is so realistic and spooky! You’ll need:

  • Cheesecloth
  • Colored markers

First, add streaks of yellow, red or brown marker onto the cheesecloth. You can even dip the cheesecloth in tea to give it an old look! Then, rip holes in the cheesecloth for your neck and arms, and make random tears everywhere else to give it a mystical effect. Wear it over all black clothing, and you'll look just like a scary ghost!

4: Emoji (image from Pinterest)

This costume is very versatile and you probably don’t need to buy anything to make it! This is all you need:

  • A plain, bright yellow shirt
  • Permanent markers in the colors of your emoji

All you have to do is use the markers to draw your emoji’s features onto the shirt and you’re done! This is a great last-minute costume if you have to create something quickly.  

Another variation to this costume is to cut a piece of yellow cardstock into a large circle and draw your emoji onto it. Hole punch and tie the sides with string, and then hang it around your neck over black clothing.


Whether scaring your friends with the ghost costume or brightening up the day with the emoji costume, these four costumes are easy to make at home with barely any supplies and in a short period of time. Have a fantastic Halloween this year and make sure to add a comment on what you are dressing up as!

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