Antara Gangwal

Four Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

Halloween—one of the most popular holidays in the U.S.—is coming up! Many kids wait eagerly for October 31st to dress up in costume and walk from door to door, saying “trick or treat” and receiving candy. But a dilemma that many of us experience is not finding a good costume to wear on Halloween. Many […]

Remember This “On the Way to School”

I used to not look forward to having to get up so early in the morning, get ready so quickly, eat breakfast in minutes and rush into the car starting in mid-August. The relaxing days of summer would be gone and replaced with studying and school. However, I recently watched a movie called, “On the […]

10 Fun Things To Do This Summer

School is out and the sun is blazing hot each day. You are looking forward to some fun days since summer has finally arrived! However, there may be some days that you are feeling bored at home with nothing to do. Here are 10 fun things you can do this summer to help you get […]