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How to Get More Candy on Halloween


Everyone wants more candy on Halloween! Costumes and things can make a big difference in the world of candy. Here’s a list on the pros and cons of some costumes!

Newspaper boy

This costume, despite not being scary, can be a great help. For this costume, you could ride a bike, getting you from house to house with greater ease.

Also, this character comes with a white pillow case bag in which to collect all that candy. Terrific!


This outfit has a sword to ward off candy thieves. The assorted enemy trick-or-treaters not according to your plan (Hey, guys!) will also no longer be a threat, since knights wear special belts with attached small, inaccessible bags safely holding the candy.

Error 404 (Costume Not Found)

This costume doesn’t require much design, just white pants & t-shirt emblazoned with “ERROR 404,” along with checkered sneakers. This is a perfectly ironic costume for people who can’t find a costume.


This is a very majestic costume. It’s likely most of your friends and neighbors haven’t yet heard about the spectacular steam game, “Undertale,” but will be enchanted with this character sporting a blue jacket, pockets installed to carry candy and to stay comfortable in cool Autumn evenings. Your shoes are fuzzy pink slippers- go on and wear some of those kitty slippers you have in your endless closet.(Crocs are good too, for scaring your friends with FOOTWEAR.)

Take One

Often you’ll encounter some empty house with the porch lights on and a tantalizing “Take One” sign staring out over an enormous bowl of loot, just waiting!.. The thought consumes you, “I’ll take the whole bowl, please!” Who is there to stop you? No one; but in the greedy event you’re discovered, just dive behind a nearby bush and wait for the danger to pass. If you’re found, well… Throw a cat or something.


Draw up a map of all the neighborhood homes and build a track so your legs won’t get that tired. Skip the Almond Joys because you don’t need to be greedy. Give those candies to the ones in need, like five year olds.

Manners do matter in Halloween. If you’re not polite, you don’t get as much loot. (The “Take One” misdeeds are an exception to the rule.)

Being polite doesn’t cost much. If you don’t want to expend too many words, simply rely on a cheery, concise “Happy Halloween!” and “Goodbye!”


You don’t go around to random people’s houses. That’s why “Stranger Danger!” was invented. Make sure you know who’s behind the door you’re knocking on! If you do go to a stranger’s home, make sure they’re nice--if not, run away as fast as you can! Keep up your daily newspaper reading to ensure there are no criminals at large in your neighborhood.


Your trick or treating guide is over and you’ve probably learned a lot of successful tactics to end your evening with jam-packed bag of goodies.

I wish you much luck and a truly Happy Halloween!

(P.S. Please, seriously, don’t actually plunder all that “Take One” candy. Those poor adults and kids won’t have any extra candy left.)

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