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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

I just took my small moment to observe how beautiful our world is and to be grateful to the creator who did all this.

I took my backpack, my yoga mat, my silver bottle filled with water, a rope and my can.

I dressed in black boots, a training trouser and t-shirt with the hoody on top.

I was ready to go and start my beautiful adventure.

I left home at around 7:00 am and thank God for the protection I walked to a place called Nakibeach which took me 2 hours to reach.

I didn’t need transportation because it was near so I decided to foot until I reached.

Nakibeach is a place Near Lake Nakivale where we finds good grasses and is very safe, it is used for refugee outings and relaxing times especially those who does meditation it is beautiful for it.

It had no name until in 2018 when refugee DJs had organized a party and baptized it a name of Nakibeach meaning that it was now a refugee owned beach.

When at Nakibeach you can witness beautiful things and those are the things that I went to see so that I can share with you today.

At Nakibeach you feel alive again through fresh air coming all the way from our mother nature which is not affected by anything like smoke or carbon.

It is calm where you will only hear how water is moving from Lake Nakivale and maybe the other noise comes from birds.

You can as well see the mountains from the other side of the lake and see even how beautiful they look.

I do love to come to the lake because it tells me that it’s my responsibility to care for our mother nature again.

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