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Contact William Rubel: william@stonesoup.com

Stone Soup was founded in 1973. Through our magazine, Stone Soup, and through anthologies of children's writing, we are the leading publishers of children's creative work for homes and schools. We are now tying to increase our social media presence in order to reach a broader audience for the children we publish.

Stone Soup is looking for people interested in children's creativity to join its social media team. Whether your interest is writing by children, children's art, child composers, child photographers or filmmakers, or your interest is more in the pedagogical side of things, we invite you to share your passion under the Stone Soup banner.

Blogging: We offer bloggers an opportunity to write and be heard. Whether you might blog once a month, once week, or every day, we can fit you in to our new blogging program. If you like to write and want to communicate with a larger audience, then consider blogging for Stone Soup. We are looking for teachers, homeschoolers, anyone who has something to say about child art education in the largest sense of the term. Your blog can provide a venue for publishing creative work by students and talking about it, YouTube videos, and more. You will also be free to promote your own work including other blogs you write for, books you've written, workshops you lead, etc.

Twitter: What we are looking for a few people, each with focused interests, who will Tweet for Stone Soup at least a few times per week. As examples, if you are interested in child composers, we'd like you to Tweet child composers at the Stone Soup Twitter feed. If child filmmakers interest you, please search out information and Tweet it for Stone Soup. Teaching methods, great writing programs, writing by children that you find online and like, this and more is what we would like to be offering within the Stone Soup Twitter feed.

Facebook: Facebook sits somewhere between Tweeting and Blogging. If the Facebook format is one that appeals to you, let us know when you get in touch. We are looking for people who will write Facebook posts that engage with our audience.

If you you'd like to talk, please write to me, William Rubel, at william@stonesoup.com.

Thank you.

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