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Basketball continues to be one of the most popular sports across the world, and all you need to play it is a hoop and a ball. But everyone who plays the sport knows that a good pair of basketball shoes is also necessary. That’s where the KD 13 comes in, the best all-around performing shoe made by Nike when it comes to basketball.

Kevin Durant’s 13th signature shoe to the lineup contains a full-length unit of zoom as well as an extra layer in the forefoot. But what exactly does this mean to those who aren’t familiar with sneaker terms? This shoe is crazy comfortable, and comparable to walking on a cloud when in reality it’s the hardwood floor of a basketball court. “PureKicks,” a YouTube channel with nearly fifteen thousand subscribers, stated in their review of the Nike KD 13: “We'll say it again... arguably the greatest cushioning setup we've tested at PureKicks!” (Pure Kicks “KD 13 REVIEW”) So in case it wasn’t clear enough already, this shoe’s cushion provides incredible comfort the moment you slide your feet into them.

If the comfortability of the Nike KD 13 wasn’t the number one selling point of the shoe, then it’d be the bottom traction pattern. When you’re playing the sport of basketball you want to make sure that your feet aren’t sliding all over the place, and that’s why the traction pattern of a basketball shoe is so important. And the KD 13’s nail it, with one of the best grips ever seen on any court whether that be indoor or outdoor, clean or dirty. This aspect of the shoe is especially lauded by other popular reviewers like “The Hoops Geek” and “Weartesters” (The Hoops Geek “Nike KD 13 Review”, NightWing2303 “Nike KD 13 Performance Review”). So when you combine the superb cushioning with this top-tier traction, you’re in for a very luxurious playing experience.

But are the two standout features of this particular pair of basketball shoes enough to justify the steep retail price of $150? Well the answer to that would be no, and yes. The idea of paying $150 for a pair of shoes that will likely not last for more than two years seems quite unreasonable to me. However, when you compare the KD 13 to its closest competitors from Nike like the Lebron 18 and Air Jordan 35 that retail for $200 and $180 respectively, $150 seems like a much better deal for the performance you’re getting. And to top it off, it’s very easy to find a pair of the KD 13 in its dozens of different colorways for as low as $70. So, the next time you plan on purchasing a pair of quality basketball shoes, consider buying the Nike KD 13.

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