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Dear Mom,

I love you from the moon and back and words cannot describe how much I love you. You always have my back when I feel like falling over and you always encourage me to go on farther. You are my star, my streetlight, and my lamp. You make everything brighter and more hopeful. I’m always grateful that you are here to listen to my stories and give me advice. Days when I feel like giving up, you motivate me to take a step farther. I know you understand me the best and know how to make everything better. Love is an amazing thing, really. I’m able to trust you without second-guessing myself and I can express myself freely without feeling judged. I’m forever grateful for your guidance. Mom, you’re my best friend, supporter, companion, and soulmate. No one can ever replace the love you have for me and the faith I have in you. Through your help, I was able to grow from an immature little girl to the person I am now. I want to continue my journey with you forever. I’ll always support and love you just like how you do for me! I love you, my favorite person on earth, my best friend, my mom.



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