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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

Monster Slayer
Anonymous, 11, Syria

Topic for this session: Scary bad things in two colors. Khalid recalls: she is a very sensitive girl who thinks before she speaks. When she speaks, you like to listen to her. She is sweet, calm, and polite. You feel she has something inside, but you don’t see it... you feel like you need more time to discover it.The girl said, the black stands for fear, the red stands for blood. The monster has a knife, there is blood on the knife, and he wants to kill the girl with the knife.Ezgi asked, what was your feeling while drawing? Fear, said the girl.Ezgi asked, what did you feel after talking about this? The girl said, I feel better and more comfortable because I spoke about it. Ezgi asked, do you need anything about from the group to feel safer? The girl said, I ask them to not lie to each other. (Then the group said, we promise!)

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