Inside Outside Project


Razan, 13, Syria A mother comes into her house to find her son dead in the bed, riddled with bullets. The other child is crying. “Razan” is the artist’s name (at the top). Bleeding objects are very common in the children’s drawings.Topic for this session: Dealing with loss.


Anonymous, 13, Syria The girl who drew this witnessed the scene. There is a burning hospital in the upper-right. A mother is crying for her son in the lower left. The child in the bottom center was eating a candy bar when a bomb blew his head off. He remained standing for a few moments […]


Anonymous, 10, Syria The boy’s father was shot, and the red spots rare his blood against the wall and window of the house. Drawing by a 10 year old Syrian boy. Topic for session: draw your impression of life before, during and after the war.

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