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Imagine that your country was divided into two countries. Nobody would like their country becoming split. I am a girl who lives in a small country called Korea, which is beneath China and near Japan. If you see the map, Korea is divided between South Korea, where I live, and North Korea.

Korea became independent in 1945 after the thirty-six-year colonization by Japan. When I first learned about Japanese imperialism, I only waited to next learn about Korea's independence, but what happened was unexpected.

The happiness of our independence only lasted a while; then a big unhappiness came. The North and South Korean governments were made, and on June 25th, 1950, the Korean war begun.

These days at my school, we are learning about the problem of the division of Korea and the reasons why we should unify.

We talked about the countries that unified, like Germany and Vietnam. We compared how the two countries united. Vietnam was united by military force, but Germany was united peacefully.

There are problems about being divided. First, because of the partition of Korea, people are always in fear that a war might happen. I also get frightened every time North Korea shoots a nuclear missile for practice.

Secondly, the dispersed families from the Korean War can't go back to their hometown or meet their parents and siblings.

Thirdly, Korea is having economic loss. There are lots of natural resources in North Korea, and South Korea has high technology to reach it.

The pros of if North Korea and South Korea hold hands together is that we can be free of the fear of war and the dispersed families can see each other. Finally, if the two countries’ resources and technology can be combined, we can make better supplies and inventions. Korea can also develop their traditional culture to inform the world. Therefore, to solve these problems of Korea's partition, North Korea and South Korea should work hard to live peacefully and become one country.

Can the North and South get together right away? South Korea's economic standard has developed about thirty-two times more than North Korea. Also, because North Korea and South Korea have been divided for sixty-six years, the two nations’ cultures and language changed.

We face many challenges in our life that block our goals and dreams. I think that Korea should jump over the obstacle of the differences between North Korea and South Korea. The longer we are separated, the bigger hurdle we'll have to overcome, and the bigger wound both countries’ peoples will have.

I can still remember the day that I did my presentation about my dream in front of the class. I said, “I want to get rid of the ceasefire line that is blocking the path from South Korea to North Korea. My dream is studying with the North Korea students and going on a trip to North Korea.”

My teacher patted my head. Smiling, she said, “We will achieve your dream, which is also Korea's dream. I hope that day comes soon.”

Of course, I can’t get rid of the ceasefire line by my self. However, if people who have a dream like mine cooperate, the two countries’ students can study together, and we will be able to go on a trip to North Korea.

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