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May 2019

My home, my street, my neighborhood, New York City, the USA, the Earth, our solarsystem, the Milky Way Galaxy, the universe.

In my life, in my point of view, everything circles around me, or so it seems. In most
lives, people believe that everything circles around them, that they matter in the vastness that is the universe. Each one of us has our own life, friends, families, feelings, and goals. We all have different points of view. To my friend, I am just a person in their life, and they are the most important. I circle around them.

Most people think of life as them being the sun, and the rest planets and asteroids that revolve around them. Though isn’t it we that circle around the sun, not the other way around? Our lives are only one of billions, and we are just ants that don’t make a difference even if we are stepped on.

On the other hand, the sun that billions of lives revolve around and depend on is also only one of trillions. It isn’t the biggest, brightest, or the most important. But even so, it’s crucial to my life and many others. It might not be important in the big universe, but it’s important to us in our mini universe.

Most live their own lives. They are born, they make a life for themselves, find friends, go through good times and bad times, and eventually die. They spend their whole life in their own mini universe.

Here’s what I think: in life, don’t worry about your own small life, realize how small
your own life is, fight for all of us, and make a difference. When you do so, you will prove yourself important and significant among billions of others. People like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and  Malala Yousafzai. Fight for all of us. Fight to change the world and make a difference in it.

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