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You can’t love a piece of art and not look at it just one time. It is impossible and it shows you really have no care for the art. "Garden at Giverny" by Claude Monet (shown above) is a beautiful painting of a garden but if you look at its beautiful garden a few times then you see much more than what you saw the first time. The first time you may have seen some flowers, a few trees, and a small pond in the background but the second time you notice the small details that make the art much more interesting. Maybe you see details in the flowers, or a peculiar object in the pond, or you could see an animal basking in the light. Perhaps, you searched up the story of "Garden at Giverny" and you now know the backstory and you see it differently than you did before. You may now notice that those flowers you saw were Iris’, or you now realize the trees were willow trees and you now have a fascination for them, or perhaps now you know that the garden was noticeable from Monet’s bedroom window. Or possibly, you could see a completely different story. You may have once seen the artwork as just artwork or a simple story but now you could have seen the artwork as a much bigger story, or a story at all. When I see this artwork again and again, I see different perspectives and different stories to the artwork. It is not just artwork; it is a story. Next time, read your book again, or look at the artwork again and think and see it differently. Maybe even someone else will see it the same way. So try and Re-look the masterpiece.

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