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The newspaper, something that nowadays seems to be a memory of the past. The internet was found as a better alternative for finding information. With so much content available to us, what is the best way to browse the internet and find the information that we care about? The answer is Reddit, an online social media and news sharing application as well as the best way to find content over the internet. Reddit is everything that the newspaper isn’t: timely, interactive, personalized, and absorbing.

To be put simply, Reddit is a constantly updating list of all the most pertinent information to you. Clicking on to Reddit for the first time you will be met with what is called the front page of the internet. The front page is made up of a wall of links and text posted by other Reddit users called Redditors. The algorithms that are in place are more complicated than I can fully explain here, but a mathematical system is used to make sure everything in your feed is likely to be worth your time. The basic filter on Reddit comes from the ability to upvote and downvote posts that you see. The only posts that make it to the top have a high ratio upvotes to downvotes, meaning that it is confirmed that people generally find this post worth your time.

One of the defining factors of Reddit to me is just how intuitive sifting through the infinite content is. Reddit is divided up into communities called subreddits which all work as independent versions of the front page but are specifically centered around a certain topic. As of January 2018, 1.2 million subreddits exist ranging anywhere from r/funny to r/sanfrancisco to r/communism. If you have an interest the chances that a subreddit exists for you, and if you have something new you have the ability to start your own subreddit. Once you are active on enough subs the front page becomes your own with posts being personalized towards you based off of your interests.

Pulling up Google and typing “news” into the search bar doesn’t really cut it anymore because of how much you’ll be exposed to and how many things you actually care about. Why would anyone settle with the compromise of just flipping on a news channel when there are so many better alternatives that offer a much more valuable service? Reddit provides the best answer for how to browse the internet and get the content you need in a timely, personalized, interactive, and participatory matter. Once you start using Reddit and get used to it you’ll wonder how you ever interneted without it.

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