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Riddle me this
And Make My Day

Who has taken all the heroes away?

They are not in the papers
Or on TV

Not anywhere, sadly, that I can see

Maybe King Arthur got lost
And James Bond’s in rehab

Batman’s car is in the shop and he can’t find a cab

Lassie’s having a nap
The Ghostbusters are late

Sisyphus is wearing a back brace, bemoaning his fate

You grown-ups created them
Then chased them away,

Will they return to fight for us some other day?

The waters are rising
The weather’s off course

Even Mary Poppin’s umbrella can’t withstand the force

The planet’s a mess
It’s hot and not fair

The people in charge really don’t seem to care

Atlas is just holding on
by the sweat of his brow

If there ever was time for a hero it’s now

I sometimes can sense them-
They watch and they wait

Until a time when the land is not so full of hate

The young will bring them back
Just wait and you’ll see

We’ll make change for the better and then they’ll be free

We will make them our own
All those Jedis and knights

When we can once again give all people rights

When the world’s rid of the leaders
Who have hurt and have lied
The heroes will be here again to fight by our side

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