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Recently, I began to learn about octopuses because I wanted to learn more about them. Octopuses are very intriguing creatures, and they are known to be cute and delicate, as well as protective and caring. Here are some fun facts about octopuses (and by the way, the preferred plural of octopus is octopuses not octopi). First, two thirds of an octopus' nerve cells are in their tentacles, which they use both to taste and touch. They can also regenerate their limbs if injured and protect themselves with their ability to camouflage in less than a second. The octopus is very intelligent, with an IQ of 140, and they have 3 hearts. They nurture at least 100,000 eggs and take care of them for 6 months. They are so meticulous with their care of the eggs that they don’t eat in that time frame. When the eggs are finally hatched, the mother dies of starvation, making a huge sacrifice for her whole family.

Although the two species look dissimilar, I see a clear connection between octopuses and humans. For example, we care for our siblings and family members when they need it, just like a female octopus. Even if we don’t starve ourselves like they do, sometimes we make certain sacrifices for the people we love.

When studying the octopus, I saw that the mothers are so caring and generous, just like moms who are humans. Human mothers resemble octopuses because they are protective and caring for their young and are so dedicated and loving that they sacrifice themselves for their family. On this note, don’t forget that Mother’s Day is coming up next month. I can’t wait to tell my mom that she reminds me of an octopus! I’m sure she will love the compliment!

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