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December 2018

Stargirl is a beautifully written book by Jerry Spinelli. It tells about being different, and the problems and joy of a first love. Stargirl is written for seventh to ninth graders, but adults will love it too!

Stargirl is one of my favorite books because of the way Jerry Spinelli describes the characters emotions, and the setting. He uses phrases like, “She laughed, and the desert sang,” and, “The ground does have a sandy color to it, or gray, but your feet won’t sink in.”

I can relate to Stargirl because she is different, and isn’t everyone? This book made me realize that being different doesn’t mean that everyone necessarily wants to fit in, like in most books.

When Stargirl is asked by her friend, Leo, to become normal, she tries once to be like everyone else, and goes back to being herself, which I find very inspiring.

The story takes place at Mica High, in the town of Mica, where everyone acts, and dresses the same. On Stargirl’s first day, she showed up dressed in a long white gown, with a ukulele strapped to her back. Her classmates were in awe, and out of shock, and admiration, she instantly became very popular. Classmates dressed like her, and acted like her, but nothing lasts forever…

Leo Borlock fell in love with her almost immediately. They went on adventures together, and had a great time, until he realized that no one was talking to either of them, but Stargirl didn’t seem to notice or care.

When classmates turned on Stargirl, and Leo pleaded that she become normal, will Stargirl stay different, and be herself?

I hope that the first chance you get, you will read Stargirl. You will never look at a rat, a cactus, or a billboard the same again. So now that you’ve read my book review, go read Stargirl!

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Ember Books, Reprint 2002. Buy the book here and support Stone Soup in the process!

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