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Stone Soup contributor and 20-21 intern Anya Geist, 14, talks with third place winner of the 2019 Book contest and winner of the Weekly Flash Contest Nami Gajcowski, 10, about how it felt to finish her novella, Elana, how she decided on its fantastical elements, and the innovative inclusion of emojis.

0:21 - How were you introduced to Stone Soup?

0:54 - What is your favorite part about the Writing Workshop?

1:28 - Did you like the Book Club?

1:49 - What inspired you to write and submit a novella to the Book Contest?

2:48 - How long did it take to write?

3:10 - How did it feel to submit the novella? Was it your first time submitting to a contest?

3:41 - Do you think that writing a novella has inspired you to write more long form fiction?

3:57 - Did writing and submitting your second novella feel different from the first time?

5:18 - What made you decide to write your novella within the fantasy genre?

5:52 - How did you decide to set your novella on Neptune?

6:49 - Can you explain your use of emojis?

7:24 - How did you decide to write your protagonist the way you did?

8:02 - How did you decide to name her "Elana"?

8:58 - How did you decide what the primary conflict would be and why did you name the villain "Casey"?

9:32 - What made you decide to add all the fantastical elements to your novella, like the sweets?

9:59 - How did it feel to win third place?

10:25 - Were you surprised?

10:38 - Do you have any writing advice for your peers?

11:35 - If you could tell somebody about Stone Soup, what would you say?

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