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Stone Soup contributor and 20-21 intern Anya Geist, 14, talks with Stone Soup newcomer Shelby Miller, 11, about the inspiration she gets from her author grandfather, writing scary stories, and the lovely privacy of writing in her own room.

0:16 - How were you introduced to Stone Soup?

0:32 - Do you subscribe to Stone Soup?

0:39 - What have you submitted to Stone Soup?

0:45 - How did it feel to submit something?

0:55 - What was the poem you submitted about and what inspired you to write it?

1:18 - What did you like about the Writing Workshop?

1:29 - What was it like to join the Writing Workshop partway through the summer?

1:52 - Do you have any favorite books or authors you get inspiration from?

2:14 - Do you like writing scary stories?

2:24 - Do you draw on your own life for your writing?

2:42 - What is your favorite thing to write about?

2:50 - How do you make your stories scary?

3:11 - What inspired you to write scary stories?

3:30 - Do you ever scare yourself when you're writing a scary story?

3:44 - What is your favorite thing about writing?

4:06 - What kind of character do you tend to create when writing a scary story?

4:40 - Do you have a favorite place to write?

5:14 - Is there anything else you want to say?

5:27 - Do you have any writing advice for your peers?

6:06 - What do you like about reading Stone Soup?

6:26 - If you could tell somebody about Stone Soup, what would you say?


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