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As part of the circus, aerial yoga, or “aerial dance,” is a unique way to the sky. It allows students to be free with their moves by tangling in the hanging cloth.

As widely suggested, a good age to start aerial yoga is 7 to 8 years old. Teachers of aerial yoga say it is almost never too late to do aerial dance. Some risks for doing aerial yoga are falling from up high or getting tangled in the silks. In terms of its benefits, aerial yoga is almost a full body exercise of fingers, arms, core, and legs. Besides building muscles, it can also help with flexibility. Aerial yoga can be accommodated for people in wheelchairs too.

I learned aerial hammock at 10 years old, a type of aerial yoga because my mom went to this fitness studio next to my grandparents’ apartment in China to do Pilates. One time I went with my mom and found out about aerial hammock. I took one class and was already in love with it. So, I continued with aerial hammock for the rest of my summer vacation there. I did not fall or get tangled. Even though my fingers were sore at the end of each class, I felt my full body become stronger. After the sessions, I could do handstands which I had never been able to do.

Moving back to Miami, Florida. I explored online about aerial yoga because I hoped to continue the training. Luckily, I found that Florida even has aerial silk championships. Some locations of learning aerial yoga in Miami are at Aerial Fitness Miami or Miami Circus Arts Center. For aerial yoga you can just wear a yoga outfit – yoga pants and yoga top. My tip is to wear a long-sleeved yoga top and long yoga pants.

A fun fact about aerial silks is they are not actually made of silk, because silk has no stretch and would hurt. Instead, they are made of nylon, a stretchy and silky material. Nylon is also called artificial silk because it is made of longer threads.

Now that I have provided many details about aerial yoga, I have a question for you: Do you want to try aerial yoga?

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