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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

Once upon a time, from a wounded land
My family was pushed to leave our homeland
I was asked to pluck, all my courage in one bag
Will we ever be back to my mother’s soil? 

For the last time, I hugged the air deeply
I held to my heart  the smiles of most loved friends
My friends! Will I ever see them again?
I am sending my warmest greeting to all of them 

From the day I was born, formed of blood
For nine months in the womb of my mum
I was not told I would leave my home one day
Who knows of the next day, of our fate? 

I was not taught to fight
But as a displaced one I had to learn
How to stay strong against all odds.
What was not given to me in life
Is to find the truth on my own way
To separate goodness from badness
And ask those who’ve experienced both 

I am displaced, my sisters too
Like my ancestors, decades ago
I am displaced, like a migratory bird
Like blossoms of spring after a strong wind
I am displaced, like shells washed on the shore
Like fallen golden leaves in the fall
I am displaced with my memories
With my soul and my mind 

I escaped, leaving the war behind
But my resilience is strong: to use my voice
And sketch a new world with my words
Displacement is not a symbol
A label exclusive for the “brown”, the “black”, the other ones
Displacement is color blind,
It’s not a name, shall not be a shame
It is not to live in fear
Is not to live in jail with violence 

You can not draw the curtain,
To the realities once you see the truth
Don’t stay deaf or blind, open your eyes!
Thousands of us are left behind.
But we are not to stay silent,
We’ll go ahead with closed fists and open minds!
The day, when everyone will be free
Like tides on an ocean
Or, rays of sunshines on an iceberg
We will make it!
The day, that freedom won’t be a dream,
We will aim for it!
Those who lost their lives in the sea
We won’t forget them!
Those who wait behind barbed wires!
We won't forget them!
With those who have been in the front line
We will raise the sails of freedom…
I am committed to that struggle!. 

For no one is free, until we are! 

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