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Stone Soup is excited to announce our new contest series! We are now accepting submissions for our short story, poetry, and artwork prizes. We will select a single winner—one story, one poem, and one piece of art—from each category and publish them in the magazine. Winners will also receive three free expedited submissions ($30 value) and a year's print subscription to the magazine ($90 value).

The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2024! Below, find details about each category.


Short Story: must not exceed 4,000 words

Poetry: no theme, up to 4 poems per submission

Art: work in any medium that can be printed on the page (drawings, paintings, photographs, collages, or images of 3D work like sculptures), up to 4 pieces per submission


Submit through this link!

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    • Hi Ruhaan! The art must be able to be printed, so animation might not be best for this contest. However, you can definitely submit the animation to the blog.

  1. Hi ,
    I missed this contest. I was submitting things for the monthly flash contest when I realized that an opportunity existed. When will the next contest deadline be, please?
    Thank you, Mihaela

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