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Meleah Goldman, 10 (Oakland, CA)

The Roots of Our Peace

Meleah Goldman, 10

When I think of peace, I look to nature. I have spent so much time during this pandemic looking outside of my large, clear window. In the background, I can hear the worldwide marches of Black Lives Matter on my television. While our fellow humans are fighting for basic peace, my window shows me endless examples of how different parts of nature work together, each tiny gear depending on peace and cooperation within their differences.

Peace is the blueness of the sky being different from the purple of the flowers and the green of the sea, yet they all work together.

Peace is accepting the rich history and memories inside the roots of the many different trees. Like humans, they long to break through the heavy sameness of the concrete that coats the streets of every town and city. Peace is not walking the streets of earth, worrying if you are safe because of your roots or the color of your skin. No. Peace is finally breaking up the concrete, releasing the long-covered wild roots and allowing them to color our world.

Why should nature be better at creating equality and peace than our own human race? Our sun beats down its warmth freely and equally; it leaves no one in the shadows. So why should anyone shine their rays of discrimination on the faces of our beautiful human race?

Peace is not found in a shattered mirror; a dangerous, broken glass, holding only reflections of people who look and act the same. No. Peace is an infinite sky, where the possibilities are limitless. Peace is you and me, together in our humanness, celebrating the power of our garden of roots.

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  1. Such a vivid poem. I can picture the entire thing. I long to see the human roots breaking up the concrete. I can imagine how that would feel. Congratulations on getting this published!

  2. Wow Meleah! This is one of the best “pieces on peace” that I have ever read. Congratulations on being published.

  3. What a beautiful and timely poem! Our children will lead the way, their awareness and compassion for the importance of inclusion gives me hope!

  4. What a wonderful perspective! You are wiser than your years and I think more people would find peace and acceptable when they spend more time outdoors in different environments.

  5. Meleah,
    You are an amazing, wonderful child. You have an unusual understanding of life and the world. Keep up you commentaries. I think you will contribute much to humanity.

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