Poetry is meant to be recited. Recited poetry has its own cadence, one that is a little different from spoken English. These two children recite poems that each, in their own way, speak to the central issues in their lives. Note the musical cadence. The poem by the Mikaela Miller speaks to her growing sense of self-identity — it is a coming of age poem. The poem by Brandon Sanders also speaks to the struggles of growing up, in this case, a growing awareness of the difference between his inner happiness and how he projects himself to the world.

About the Author

In 1973, I was twenty years old, teaching children's art classes at my college, the University of California, Santa Cruz, and came up with the idea that the best way to encourage children to write was to introduce them to the best writing by their peers. Stone Soup grew out of that idea, and I have continued to publish Stone Soup for all these years.
I am also a culinary historian. I write about traditional foodways. My book, "The Magic of Fire," is about hearth cooking. My book, "Bread, a global history," speaks for itself. I am currently writing a bread history for a University Press. I publish articles on gardening and traditional foodways at Mother Earth News. I also publish on wild mushrooms and other food-related subjects.

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