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Few books have the power to integrate our real world into a magical one successfully. World-renowned authors like J.K Rowling, Rick Riordan or Brandon Mull, to name a few, have successfully and convincingly achieved this. But I want to bring another series, and another author, to the spotlight. You might have heard about it, or you may not, but Vampire Academy is a must-read. It is an internationally bestselling series that I feel is still grossly underrated and under-appreciated, and should receive more attention. 

This book, set in the crowded vampire genre, still manages to stand out. The book starts out at a slightly confusing yet interesting part of time, so the full picture doesn’t show until all the unknown details of the past are put together. We jump in our seats as the puzzle pieces of the past and new developments fit together. As the story goes on, other problems, such as romance and grudges, pop up, and as gossip and popularity contests ramp up, the characters might just lose sight of the true and common enemy.

Relationships actually play a huge role in this book and the way characters react. And no, I don’t just mean romantic ones, I am also referring to enemies or friends in their social life. At one point, it was social hell for Lissa and the main character, Rose, but it quickly switched to their favor and they had to deal with the side effects. However, I am not going to downplay romance because in this story it is one of the major contributing factors.

I love how the author can somehow apply pressure at all times, no matter the circumstances, and yet also lay it down thin at varying moments. Mead manages to walk a perfect tightrope in between complete chaos and a boring, predictable plot. Every release of information is well balanced along with some action in the present tense. We are constantly reminded that the situations are balancing on a knife’s point.

Vampire Academy is a book that will put you in a new world next to our own, another society working right beneath our noses. This book will leave you begging for more. As you read the first few pages, you will feel an irresistible desire for more information, more action, more explanation. 


Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Razorbill, 2007. Buy the book here and help support Stone Soup in the process!

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