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Weekly Creativity #147 | Flash Contest #30: Visit the Same Place Every Day for a Week and Document what You See

Visit the same place—precisely the same location—multiple times a day, or at the same time every day for a week. Document what you see through photography, other art forms, or writing! 

To be considered for the the April 2021 Flash Contest, visit our submittable site here and submit by Sunday, April 11 at midnight.


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  1. Hi,
    My question is regarding –
    Weekly Creativity #147 | Flash Contest #30

    When does this need to be submitted? This got posted on April 5th and my humble understanding is that it needs to be posted by end of the week?? Is that wrong information?

    • The closing date for the monthly flash contest is always midnight PST (Pacific time) on the Sunday following the Monday the prompt was first posted- so in this case, midnight PST on Sunday 11 April.

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