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Weekly Creativity #171: Design a Game, or Write About a Game You’d Like to Play.

Design a game, or write about a game you’d like to play. It could be a board game, a video game, or anything else!

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  1. Sorry I’m not as familiar with this website or anything but the title of this challenge caught my attention. So the video game that I think would do well and would like to see is this. Imagine a survival-real time strategy game okay. A complex in-game economy, intelligent AI, character customization, combat mechanics, driving mechanics, faction relationships, all in an open single player sandbox.

    But now here’s the thing, the setting is in a crime ridden impoverished community. Your purpose is literal survival. Bullet damage is realistic, there’s no health regeneration. You’ll need to bandage yourself up or check in to a hospital. If you cross the wrong people they may drive around looking for you. Every time you step out into the game world you never know what might happen next and it’s sometimes frightening. A survival-strategy-action-crime-simulator. That’s the type of game I’ve dreamed of since I was a little kid.

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