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  1. The sun cloaked up the sky, clearing up waves of clouds passing by. The gravelled sand sunk in between my toes sparking up with clear blue water before reversing back to the sea, looking upwards the sky had become a soft cotton candy almost melting away into the ocean. The crisp light sand felt heavenly harsh as I stepped between rocks of seashells. It was Valentine’s Day and the view was more than happy enough to share it with me in closing me between the darkness at the bottom of the sea speeding up into the cloudy marshmallows.. Sitting down on a hard stock of sand a Tear rolled down my cheek in lightning me with the thought of life and how lucky I was. The wind whistled in the air almost silent enough to hear, everything except the movements of trees were speckled in the sunlight. Expressing itself to land, a wave of seaweed came travelling down onto my feet covering it explicitly with sands of salt and shells. In the mood I just touched it with my left hand letting my hand flow freely in the water as it glided in and out of the beach. It was beautiful and the sun was almost up which meant the enlightenment of joy was soon here, realising how late it was I quickly grabbed my pouch and walked off, heading towards the rocky pavement i just held my head high, higher than ever and stared deeply into the clear faint of stars just viewable to the human eyes. Thinking about today my energy soared through the air knowing today is the day that I will be more than happy to do anything, arriving at my front porch I zipped through my pouch and I got my keys, silently unlocking the rusty door a creak of silence rushed over me. Climbing up the stairs i tiptoed to my room before shutting the door with all my might.

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