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  1. Deep in the bamboo forest,
    Where pandas eat and confuzzle,
    tough, dried bamboo fit together,
    snug, like a puzzle
    to form an elaborate house
    which the panda lives in.
    It’s shaped like a bamboo plant:
    it’s green, tall, and thin.

    But if a panda had a bedroom,
    how would he sleep?
    On piles of bamboo
    where crawling critters can creep,
    or at the top of the canopy
    as king for a day,
    where they reign over their realms,
    as the lions would say.

    Would he have a mini fridge,
    with treasures inside?
    With sweet bamboo smoothies
    and candies he hides?

    Would the walls be green bamboo
    with the freshest plant meat,
    or brown from last season’s surplus
    and too sour to eat?

    Would he have a bedside book
    with sharp bamboo pages,
    or would he eat those all up
    and say “bugs got them in stages.”

    Would he have a carpet of grass
    or fresh bamboo shavings
    that he could pluck from the ground
    to satisfy midnight cravings?

    Would he have portraits of family
    in fine bamboo frames
    or pictures of landscapes
    covered in bamboo plains?

    Would he even need blankets,
    or is his mottled fur enough?
    (He can patch together bamboo leaves
    if the winter gets tough).

    Would he plug in a night light
    or just let the moon shine
    through the crevices of bamboo
    which double as blinds.

    Some people aren’t content
    with the simplest of things
    they need fancy decorations,
    fine clothing, and rings.

    But we can learn something frugal
    from the Panda and his tastes:
    he treasures one thing
    and won’t let a scrap go to waste.

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