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Personal Narrative
By Ucuki Abigael Murogo
February 12, 2024
Personal Narrative
By Ucuki Abigael Murogo
February 12, 2024
Personal Narrative
By Ucuki Abigael Murogo
February 11, 2024

I am by names of UCUKI ABIGAEL MUROGO, I am a Congolese by nationality but currently living in Isingiro district Nakivale refugee settlement as a refugee. I started writing since I was 14 years old on my own but I have currently been given a chance to sharpen my skills and through that I am now a nonfiction writer, a motivational speaker, an artist in drawing and a leader. Most of my friends enjoy calling me ZEIN as a side name and I feel free with it.
I believe that you will fall in love with my pieces of work as you keep on reading.

Creative writing opened my eyes, pushing me more into a world of observing the inner me and outside view. It has also given me some sense to life and nature around me.

I used to write some motivational quotes and imaginative stories but couldn’t focus much on myself, couldn’t focus on how best I could improve this skill or even how I could make my observation greater but through this study, I have learnt a lot that I never thought of, like; interviewing people to be more informed, writing every detail of your observation, showing rather than telling…… This course helped me in understanding myself better through sometimes of silence and self-questioning.

It reflected through the observation, the ethnographic interview made which is all about a collection of true information on how people in the community behave, how the nature responds to us, what people think about, other people’s culture among others.

From my childhood stage I realized that I was more of an introvert person whereby I use to speak less but observe more and by being that I had very few friends and I couldn’t share much of what I thought or how I saw things, giving out opinions was rare to me but I was reputed of a clever person.

Later on, I started feeling like I had to find ways of expressing myself, I never knew how I would do it or who would help and guide me so I therefore thought of having a note book and pen as my best friends.

With no guidance I started writing each and everything that came into my mind by the age of 14 years old.

When I heard of Anthropology session in my area, I was eager to knowing what it was really about so since I overheard that it dealt with writing I immediately joined because I wanted to learn new strategies in order to improve on my way of writing and most of my writings were based on fiction that really called up for people’s attention because it seemed real.

Through anthropology session which is based on storytelling, I have learnt that writing becomes more beautiful and inspiring when we write non-fiction stories because it’s what surround us, it’s from what we see, touch, live with and it’s observable.

Story telling has got plenty of benefits that among I have discovered;

Awareness of the past life, present and the hope we hold for the future.

In storytelling, we bring out understanding and communication.

We get to give value and moral to promote good education among young people.

We discover the beauty of the world and how people connect in their thoughts etc….

Being one of the Anthropology members I am very humbled to have some of my writings on stores because through that I will always remember where my observations were carried out from and I know as long as writing is concerned my future will always be secured.

I believe that time comes when people fade but our words and inspirations are what marks our path on earth.

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