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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

I was in boarding school by then, and as a boarding students we had times for personal revision and they were called preps and winters.

Preps started from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and winters from 4:00am to 6:00 am.

That night I was done with my prep revision and I was going to sleep just like others. Reaching the dormitory, I tried to find my sleep but couldn't.

I seemed to experience sleepless night and so I got tired of laying myself on the bed, I just moved out to have fresh air.

I was solo that night, out of the girl's dormitory. I was wearing my short black night dress. It was dark like hell that I couldn't see my shadow. The wind sounded clearer like a bell and I was feeling too cold.

But I just surrendered myself to that cool night, sitting up stairs. From a distance I saw a dog, he was heading our rubbish pit as if it was going to look for food.

I was not scare at all so I decided to keep around. After finishing the rest of posho and other food from the rubbish pit it took it way.

I remained silent observing nothing at all in that darkness but in a few seconds, I turned right to see a beacon from far. It was showing my home town. It looked so beautiful that night with electricity making it look more of an attractive place.

The lights were of mixed reflection to me. They were yellowish, reddish and somehow greenish.

I was amazed by the far view of the network mast with the combination of the lights everywhere which appeared to me like Paris in France.

I took my time, enjoyed and found back my sleep in a couple of hours.

I never regretted that time because I felt peace with myself.

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