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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

It was a cloudy afternoon at around 2:30pm at school when I decided to call up one of  my classmates for a short interview.

We sat opposite to each other and she was so excited to know which kind of conversation I was going to engage with her. She just kept on looking at me while posing with her hand on her cheeks with a funny smile, lifting her eyebrows up and down. We both put on light sweaters. Mine had a white color with a star at the center and love written in blue color, while hers was made of thread in both grey and white color yet feeling cold.

I then went on interrogating her " what do you think can become your future career and why?"

She took a second, breathed in and out and responded,

When I was a child, I use to see people in my community suffering, some of them could spend the whole day laying on a mat in the grass, some could have heavy cough that would last for months that my mum always kept me far away. I use to see some of them even out of their body flesh that the ribs could appear clear. I used to wonder " why all this?" People survived from agriculture and they couldn't die of hunger.

One night I decided to follow my mum in her room, I found her seated on the bed, silent as if she was deeply thinking.

After noticing that I was there, she looked at me wondering what I came for.

I just asked her "mum, why is everyone not okay outside?"

They are all sick, she responded, but can't cater for health service.

People say that money is a bad master, but it provides us with wealth and is a source of our happiness on earth. Poverty smells bad, but here in this place, we don't have money that's why nothing works here.

The community is using herbal medicine to cure what they don't know. Doctors who are important people in the community are rare where there is no money and their absence is still remarkable. For all these people to be cured we need doctors, she added.

I started growing up with the idea of becoming a nurse because I believed it could help me save the community from health ignorance. With time as I kept on growing till I learnt so many other advantages of becoming a nurse. She said:

-It earns a lot of money which can probably change my family's standard of living.

-It enables one to understand better the human body including when everything is right or wrong.

-It enables one to know which medication to take, when, how and why among others.

-When she was done with her story, I couldn't figure out which word could be worth to be said out to her. I just saw how her eyes were shinning of tears, and only a blink of an eye would make the tears shade off her eyes.

So impressed I was, I hugged her to give her comfort and went on curious asking her "how did you feel expressing yourself?"

She said, “honestly it at first went hard for me because no one ever asked me such a question and I never got a chance to talk about it up to now. I feel good now and I wish I had more chance of this kind.”

A new experience was gained and it was so inspiring listening to how life experiences have the power to motivate passionate young souls detecting a life career.

I wish my friend becomes the nurse of her dreams.

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