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Personal Narrative
By Joshua Kaskile
February 11, 2024
Personal Narrative
By Joshua Kaskile
February 11, 2024

My name is Shukuru Mwongerwa, but I’m known as Joshua by my stage name. I am an 18 years old Congolese refugee residing in Nakivale since 2015. I am a musician (I play guitar), videographer and singer, but beside that I am also a writer because I compose my own songs and stories.

Creative writing helped me to be able to look and do more research about what I can write and to make many drafts so that I can bring out a good piece of writing. Anthropology helped me approach a field of study and helped me to make a good observation of what I’m going write about.

What I wrote reflects the world around me by motivating people and giving them information about what I wrote for people who don’t know about it.

I can say we need more programs from you and don’t stop supporting us and please add more workshops. Thank you.

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