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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

Lake Nakivale

In the heart of Uganda, nestled near the shimmering waters of Lake Nakivale, a remarkable story of hope and resilience unfolded. Amina, a young woman who had fled her war-torn homeland, found herself among thousands of refugees seeking shelter and safety.

Amina arrived at Lake Nakivale after a loyal journey through several countries, her dreams of a peaceful life seemingly shattered by the horrors of conflict. But as she settled into her modest shelter, she discovered a vibrant community of people who, like her, had faced unimaginable challenges.

The lake itself became a symbol of solace and healing for Amina. Its calm waters seemed to whisper tales of survival, reminding her that life could still hold beauty and peace even in the midst of chaos. She would often visit the lakeside, where she met an elderly woman named Nyatiti.

Nyatiti had been at Lake Nakivale for many years, having fled her own war-ravaged homeland decades ago. She shared stories of resilience and unity that inspired Amina. Despite the hardships, the refugees had built a community where people from different backgrounds came together to support each other.

Amina soon found her own place within this close-knit society. She began to teach the children at the camp, offering them a chance to learn and dream of brighter futures. The laughter of the children and the sense of purpose she had found filled her with hope.

The shores of Lake Nakivale were a place where new beginnings and lifelong friendships could be forged.

Lake Nakivale remained a beacon of hope, where stories of resilience and determination unfolded every day, reminding the world that the human spirit could overcome even the most challenging of circumstances.

I observed people were fetching water and some were swimming and playing in the water by crossing the side by side of the lake. I observed they were enjoying swimming because everyone, no matter old or young, they could swim and express their joy. By the time people were swimming in water they saw the snake in the swamps around the lake. All of the people were scared and ran out of the water.

The snake changes the happiness into worries and everyone there is scared. Even the people who wanted to fetch water were also scared to be bit from a snake.

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