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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

I am doing an interview with Theobarh, my teacher. I gave him a surprise visit to his office where we sat though the noise from the hair dressing students shouting.
1, So Mr. Theobarh why do you call yourself that name and what does it mean
A, My names are ISHARA THEOPHILE BARHAME and I’m called THEOBARH for two reasons. Firstly because it combines my names (THEOPHILE=THEO & BARHAME=BARH) and secondly because it’s my uncles name and we have many things in common.

2, So apart from teaching, what else can you do?
B, Come-on, I have a lot of skills in me but mostly I prefer teaching because it helps me feel alive again.
I am a good cook; I am writer, a poet, a comedian, a motivational speaker, a health scout, a designer, a web designer, graphic designer and a good business person. I know many things but I do prefer to teach them because on top of everything, teaching is my passion.

3, So can you share with me how you’ve reached here?
For today we won’t have time but the only thing I can say is that it wasn’t easy but we kept on doing it.
I came here in Nakivale when I was 14 and I have worked every underestimated job here in Nakivale. Above all I kept learning and increasing on my knowledge and shaped myself for where I am and I’m still going.

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