Stone Soup began offering writing workshops via Zoom in April, 2020. The program has been hugely successful! What you find on these pages are works from each of the workshops that students are willing to share with you, the larger Stone Soup Community, and the world at large.

The classes are divided between those offered by Stone Soup founder, William Rubel, and those offered by Conner Bassett, an inspiring professor of creative writing.

The Stone Soup Writing Workshop is a series of classes, each one-and-a-half hours long, in which we spend the first half hour presenting on and discussing a particular theme or topic, the next half hour writing together in our Zoom cafe (sound on!), and the last 30 minutes hearing those who want to reading their work aloud. After the Workshop, participants can submit the work they wrote during the session to be published as part of the workshop report. You can read more about each workshop, watch videos, and read the participants’ work in the posts below.

Conner’s Writing Workshop

William’s Writing Workshop