Ghost of a Killer

Artist description of the piece (translated from Arabic): The colors are nice. Behind the picture, there is a ghost. It is the ghost of a killer. This artwork was published in the June 2021 issue of Stone Soup Magazine

Fly with me!

~Sylvia If the sky is blue, then fly with me! If the sun is bright, then fly with me! If the sea is rough, then fly with! If you have wings, then fly with me! If the wind blows through your wings, then fly with me! Come here and fly with me! ~Parwana The sky […]

Happiness Comes to America

All names in this story have been changed for privacy. A few years ago my mom and dad, my two older brothers, and I moved from a refugee camp in Tanzania to Chicago. Now I’m eleven years old. My name is Happiness. One Sunday night I sat down on my usual pillow on the couch between […]