Forest Fire, a poem by Prisha Aswal, 8

FOREST FIRE  Sparks Fly  Crackling Sound Trees Down On fire Smoke rises up to the Sky Wolves Howl Bears Flee Ash Fills up the Ground Elk Run for their Lives. Birds and Butterflies try To Escape to Sky Crickets, Worms and Ants Fry Thunder Strikes,  The Wind Blows, Making it Worse Animals Die Trees Burn, […]

A Plea from the Red Zone

California, oh man — land of opportunity, of sunshine, of warm sandy beaches, of snow-capped peaks. California. Land of vast cities, quiet suburbs, quaint rural farming communities. California, California, oh man, California. Land of smoke, land of fire. Land of citizens scattered about the state, homes burned to the ground, ashes gently swooping down like […]