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Sparks Fly 

Crackling Sound

Trees Down

On fire

Smoke rises up to the Sky

Wolves Howl

Bears Flee

Ash Fills up the Ground

Elk Run for their Lives.

Birds and Butterflies try

To Escape to Sky

Crickets, Worms and Ants Fry

Thunder Strikes, 

The Wind Blows,

Making it Worse

Animals Die

Trees Burn,

Dogs Bark,

Fire Spreads Across,

Lives Lost

Homes Destroyed ,

Treasures Gone

Memories Turned into Smoke

Disappear into the Sky 

That has Turned

Orange and Red.

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  1. Amazing write up by such a little girl. Calamity perfectly elaborated in few words.Apprecite your thoughts little author.

  2. What a wonderful surprise to come across your poem here, Prisha! You are a courageous writer, facing the truth unblinkingly. And generously leave your readers with the beauty of color and the freedom of sky. A wonderful poem.

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