I Can Change the World with Hope, a poem by Tanvi, 11

Tanvi Padala, 11 (Flower Mound, TX) I Can Change the World with Hope Tanvi Padala, 11   I’ve always dreamt of a place Where everyone would treat each other with grace And the planet and countries are managed with care But right now, I wonder if we are in despair   We rank each other […]

Hope for Quaranteens by Clara Kingsley Tripp, 12

Hope for Quaranteens By Clara Kingsley Tripp, 12 As a global response to the rapidly spreading COVID-19, millions upon millions of people have been forced to retreat into their houses. We’ve raided local stores, abandoned empty shelves upon empty shelves, and stockpiled our pantries with milk and toilet paper. We take lengths to avoid the […]