Humanitarian Service Team


What does this really mean? Guys why life is like this? I love my friends Those who accepted me the way I am and couldn’t judge my weakness but instead helped me in changing and were ready to defend me no matter how wrong I could be Now they are taken away from me Now […]


We all believe in one God. But under different ways Under different names With the different stories and beliefs which connects us all to that one God The difference proves that our IQs are not working in the same way and that’s what differentiates us I mean the difference differentiates us through the different perspectives […]


Right in your hands That very hard night Because I am your child That time we had a chance to turn a page and the only way to get out of the stupid town. Bang bang bang Trrrack trrrack Krack krack krack Those are the sounds we heard behind us as we were running away […]