Smartphone Addiction: One Middle Schooler’s Perspective

When I look at my classmates’ faces, absorbed in their smartphones, they look eerily expressionless, even hollow. Their eyes look tired and droopy; their faces look drained and sulking. They look like they have no choice. It is almost as if they are compelled by some unseen force to use every second of the time […]

Conservatives Want to Ban All My Favorite Books, by Emma, 9

Something I know from personal experience is that Melissa, by Alex Gino, is an amazing book that has been praised widely for its inclusion of the LGBTQ community. In 2016, it was awarded the Stonewall Children’s Book award. The book is about a transgender girl who wants to be Charlotte in her class production of […]

A Different Kind of Chapter, some thoughts by Alice Myers, 10

Alice Myers, 10Westmont, QC, Canada A Different Kind of Chapter Alice Myers, 10 Imagine life as a book. A really interesting book. There are those chapters that make you smile, but there are also chapters that make you cry. There are chapters that end on a cliffhanger, and chapters that don’t. While this certain chapter […]