Saturday Newsletter: August 15, 2020

“Strawberry” by Lulu De Mallie, 11 (Naples, NY) Published in Stone Soup April 2020 A note from Sarah This week, I wanted to draw your attention to something from the Stone Soup blog that, in my opinion, doesn’t get enough attention: recipes! If you scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter, you’ll see a […]

Zoe’s Summer Crumble

The sun streams down through the rows of berry bushes, revealing glistening berries and intermingling with giggles as bigger and bigger patches of blackberries are found. Hands dart in, avoiding the prickly branches and beetles munching on the leaves. “How many containers have you filled? I have already gotten two!” my sister Zoe calls from […]

Writing Activity: write a recipe and send it to Stone Soup

Quail Kabob ingredients. The recipe is by a nine-year-old. Instructions for the Quail Kabob.                   We all eat, and many of us like to cook. If you are 13 or under and like to cook, we’d like you to submit recipes to Stone Soup. We will publish […]