Prejudice against women scientists

There are many hardworking scientists who were unfairly denied the recognition they deserved; perhaps one of the more notable examples of this is the case of Rosalind Franklin. She made a revolutionary discovery about DNA, only to have the credit stripped from her. Her long journey to this earth-shaking discovery eventually amounted to nothing (at […]

The Science Of Making Water

Water is one of the most important things every human being needs to survive. However, not everyone has access to clean drinking water. Plus, with global warming and climate change, an increasing amount of countries are experiencing extreme droughts. So, if people need water so much, why can’t we just make it? Humans have made […]

103 Elements and Their Interesting Facts (Part 2) by Lucinda Chu

As we welcome a new year, I hope one of your new year resolutions would be “to learn more about the periodic table.” Groaning in frustration? Don’t worry, this blog post would introduce twenty-four more elements to you— each with an interesting fact. (You can read Part 1 here). 7. Nitrogen Chemistry is usually not […]