Art Inspired Writing

“But I can’t think of anything to write about,” my kids cry as an excuse for daydreaming out the window. Then in an attempt to divert their attention from the window or to prevent a breakdown, I end up struggling along with them in the quest for a great idea. I’ve heard that the best ideas are often right in front of you, but […]

Book Review: “Models for Teaching Writing-craft Target Skills” by Freeman and Koehler

No doubt about it, reading positively affects writing; however, educators often struggle with how to integrate the former into writing instruction. Freeman and Koehler seek to meet that need with Models for Teaching Writing-craft Target Skills, a teacher’s guide for utilizing “the strong connection between reading and writing.” Using “literature models,” the authors present their […]

Words of Wonder

It never fails. Whenever I visit my mother for a few days, I make my way to the basement bookcases. A bouquet of old stain, pine and mildewed pages welcomes me as I peruse my fondest childhood memories that line the shelves.  Each time it seems that one or two books find special notice, and […]