We walked home together. We talked about schoolwork,    and then you said, “You are adopted. I’m sorry.” Sometimes you commented on the dirt on my clothes    as we walked out of school. But this felt different, like we were at a party and all of a sudden    the music stopped and everyone stared at me. […]


Behind your vacant stare, Memories lie hidden, Faltering and fleeting The distant remembered, The present, unrecallable. Never afraid before Shadows of freshly plastered seams On my living room wall, Now haunt you, transporting you Back to the barbed-wire camps. So vividly you recall Your Nazi captors, And your escape Yet, it is my name that […]

Doing the Tango

In my house, we celebrate everything. Even the smallest things. Good grades on a test. Learning that we are going On vacation. Even a surprise present. The reward is “doing the tango.” The dogs want to join in And scramble to find a toy A bone, a partner to celebrate The joyful dance. Learning to […]

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