Camping in the Fall

Dark skies The Milky Way shining through The once bright blue sky Toasty fire Turning white marshmallows To golden brown Silent wind nips my nose The occasional hoot of an owl The yellow-orange flicker brings Peace to the family Optimism to the air Light dew begins to form Across the sloping grass Leaves slowly float […]


I had forgotten what it felt like to fly I watch as the plane speeds down the runway A lurch The wings turn upwards as the wheels retract The plane flies gaining height dips to the right then the left now it steadies itself It climbs higher reaches a peak and then climbs higher touching […]

A Moment

I roll onto my side, the grass damp and prickly on my bare legs. A speckled monarch flits across a big-leaf hydrangea sky. The breeze tousles the rose bushes, sighs, then rests. Nature’s beauty draws me in, but my own drowsiness, like the reel of a fishing rod, pulls me back. I let the blades […]